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What are the O! Bubble panels made of?
O! Bubble panels are made of extremely soft and safe polyurethane foam. The panels are covered with nylon microfibers that resemble delicate suede to the touch. By choosing our panels, you provide not only visual pleasure and decorative function, but also unprecedented comfort of use.
How to use O'Bubble panels?
Do not expose panels to prolonged exposure to sunlight. After prolonged exposure in the sun, discoloration may appear on the surface. Panels should not be installed in bathrooms / rooms with high humidity levels. The foam is not intended for consumption - it should be installed out of the reach of very small children and animals.
O! Bubble panels - are they safe?
We do not use volatile solvents for production. Security is ensured by flame-retardant and self-extinguishing foam material from which the panels are made - it meets the restrictive British standards BS 5852: 2006.
I need a panel for another dimension - is it possible?
Of course! Contact us at: [email protected], send your panel parameters and we will do our best to meet your expectations.
Can you make white panels?
After months of testing, we decided that we would not be able to offer this color because it tended to turn yellow after time.
Is it possible to order panels according to exactly specified color?
We can try to get closer to the specified color, but we are not able to reproduce it in 100%.
How to take care of panels and clean them?
O! Bubble panels are easy to clean. The surface of the panels is anti-static and "repels" dust. O! Bubble panels can be perfectly cleaned with a clothes roll. We eliminate surface dirt with a soft, moistened (but not wet!) sponge.